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Concentric Conductor Power Cable

As indicated by its name, our concentric conductor power cable uses concentric conductor which surrounds one or several insulated cores, and the loss and mutual interference between cores are very small. Three insulated cores are arranged in the shape of equilateral triangle, and many copper conductors are winded in parallel and tilted manner outside the insulated cores, forming the concentric conductor. In addition, the total cross section of the concentric conductor is the same as the required area of zero line, or even larger.

Due to the special shape of three insulated cores, a balanced and symmetric structure is created. As a result, the AC resistance values of these cores are the same to each other, electromagnetic interference caused by imbalanced current loading is greatly reduced, positive and negative sequence impedances are both close to zero which also cuts down the electromagnetic interference.

On the other hand, the concentric conductor can work both as the zero line (the fourth core) and as the cable shield. Specific zero line is not designed, so, less copper is required which not only saves cost, but also cuts down the outer diameter and weight of our product. Depending on these properties, this concentric conductor power cable is widely applied for power transmission even if electromagnetic interference is strong or lightning stroke happens.

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Model Explanation
Model Descriptions Applications
PVC insulated concentric conductor and PVC sheathed power cable (including flame retardant type) Fixed installation
XLPE insulated concentric conductor and PVC sheathed power cable (including flame retardant type)
PVC insulated concentric conductor steel tape armored and PVC sheathed power cable (including flame retardant type) It can bear large mechanical force in fixed conditions.
XLPE Insulated concentric conductor steel tape armored and PVC sheathed power cable (including flame retardant type)
Type No. of Core Nominal Cross Section (mm2)
VV-T, VLV-T, ZR-VV-T, ZR-VLV-T, YJV-T, YJLV-T, Z-YJV-T, ZR-YJLV-T, VV22-T 3+1(T) 4~300
VLV22-T, ZR-VV22-T, ZR-VLV22-T, YJV22-T 3+1+1(T) 4~185
YJLV22-T, ZR-YJV22-T, ZR-YJLV22-T 4+1(T) 4~185

This concentric conductor power cable shows the properties of common PVC insulated power cable as well as low voltage XLPE insulated power cable, and it also has other outstanding features.
1. The positive, negative and zero sequence impedances are small and even, which can improve the power supply quality.
2. Compared with the fourth-core of common 4-core cable, the concentric conductor has a much lower reactance under the zero sequence condition. This is helpful for realizing the sensitive action of the short circuit auto protection device, thus, the safe running of relevant equipment is guaranteed.
3. Our product also shows excellent anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-lightning stroke performance.
4. The five-core type is suitable for the power supply of TN-S and TN-C-S systems.

This concentric conductor power cable is made in accordance with the enterprise standard, and it is suitable for power transmission line with rated voltage of 0.6/1kV or lower. It is commonly seen in metallurgy, mining, high-rise building, petrochemical engineering and other fields.

Working Conditions
1. Max. working temperature of conductor for long-term application: 70℃ for PVC insulated type, and 90℃ for XLPE insulated type.
2. Max. temperature of conductor during short circuit: 160℃ for PVC insulated type, and 250℃ for XLPE insulated type. In addition, the longest lasting time for short circuit is 5 seconds.
3. Min. ambient temperature during laying: 0℃
4. Min. bending radius: 20 times of overall diameter for single core type, and 15 times of overall diameter for multi-core type.

Cable Length
The power cable is usually delivered in drums, and its length is over 100 meters. However, short cable with length of more than 20m is also available, but its length should not over 10% of the total length. Based on the negotiation, our product can be transferred at any length, and the length error is within ±0.5%.

Concentric conductor power cable
Product Structure Parameters

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