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Special Power Cable for Frequency Converter

This special power cable for frequency converter is designed and produced in accordance with the standard of Q/321011 KLA038-2009, and it is commonly used in the metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical and other industries.

This product is able to work as the power supply cable or electrical connection cable in the frequency converting system whose rated voltage is 0.6/1kV AC or lower. It shows good resistance to voltage surge, and can withstand the impulse voltage during frequency conversion. Meanwhile, it also possesses excellent shielding effect which can eliminate the electromagnetic interference and cut down noise generated by the variable frequency motor. Thus, stable running of the entire system is guaranteed.

Working Conditions
1. Rated voltage U0/U: 0.6/1kV
2. Max. working temperature: 70℃ for PVC insulated frequency converter use power cable, 90℃ for XLPE insulated type, 180℃ for silicon rubber insulated type, 200℃ for one kind of fluoroplastics insulated type, and 260℃ for another kind of fluoroplastics insulated type.
3. Min. ambient temperature: -60℃ for fixed laying, and -40℃ for PVC sheathed type.
4. Min. ambient temperature for laying: 0℃ (-25℃ for fluoroplastics, silicon rubber or NBR sheathed cables)
5. Min. bending radius: 15 times of overall diameter of cable.

1. The DC resistance of this special power cable meets the requirements of GB 3956.
2. At 20℃, the resistance for fluoroplastics or silicon rubber insulation is not less than 100 MΩ/km, and the value for PVC insulation should be over 50 MΩ/km.
3. The finished product should avoid breakdown during the voltage withstand test, and the test condition is as follows: 3.5kV AC, 50Hz, 5 minutes.
4. The transfer impedance of shielding layer is 100MΩ or lower at 100MHz.
5. The desired shielding coefficient is not higher than 0.7.

Metal shielded power cable
Product Structure Parameters

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