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1.8/3kV Wind Power Generation/Wind Energy Twist-Resistant Soft Power Cable

The 1.8/3kV wind power generation twist-resistant soft power cable is produced in accordance with the standard of Q/321011 KLA31-2010 and TICW/01-2009: rated voltage 1.8/3kV and below wind power generation distortion resistant flexible cable, and it is applied for wind energy generation equipment with rated voltage of 1.8/3kV or below.

1. Rated voltage U0/U: 450/750V, 0.6/1kV, 1.8/3kV
2. Long-term working temperature: 70℃ for 450/750V, while 90℃ for 0.6/1kV and 1.8/3kV.
3. Min. ambient temperature for working: -25℃ for common type, -40℃ for cold-resistant type, and -55℃ for extremely cold-resistant type.
4. Min. bending radius: 6 times of the outer diameter of cable.
5. This twist-resistant soft power cable should pass the voltage withstand test without breakdown, and the test conditions are different for products with different rated voltages.
450/750V: power frequency, 2.5kV, 5 minutes
0.6/1kV: power frequency, 3.5kV, 5 minutes
1.8/3kV: power frequency, 6.5kV, 5 minutes

Cable Length
Usually, the cable delivered in coil is 100 meters long, and cable in drum is longer than 100 meters. However, if a desired length is proposed by customer, we can also meet the specific requirement. Meanwhile, our product can be delivered with the length of integer times of the minimum application length, and the length error is within ±0.5%.

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