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Branch Power Cable

Our branch power cable is suitable for power distribution systems in hospital, hotel, residential building, office building and others, and it is also used for lighting systems of road, bridge, tunnel, etc.

1. Our product offers excellent power distribution reliability, and there are no joints for the main cable, ensuring good continuity and reducing the chance of failure. On the other hand, the branch joint has well designed structure with low contact resistance, and it won't be affected by heat or cold.
2. The over-moulding process of sheath is finished in a short time, as a result, the bare copper core at the joint won't be exposed to air for a long time, which prevents the change of contact resistance lead by oxidation.
3. Usually, the mechanically connected joint of a bus duct is very likely to loosen if the wall shakes. However, due to the good shock resistance property, our FZ series branch power cable won't be influenced by this, and any extra measure is not necessary when it passes through settlement joint.
4. Our product is airtight and water proof, so it can offer reliable performance even under humid conditions, and it is directly buried or installed in open air. In addition, our FZ-NH series product can provide normal service for another 90 minutes under fire.
5. After proper installation, our product can work instantly, and no further maintenance is required.

Type and Descriptions
Type Descriptions
FZ-V V PVC insulated and sheathed branch power cable
FZ-ZR-V V PVC insulated and sheathed flame retardant branch power cable
FZ-NH-V V PVC insulated and sheathed fire resistant branch power cable
FZ-YJV XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed branch power cable
FZ-ZR-YJV XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed flame retardant branch power cable
FZ-NH-YJV XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed fire resistant branch power cable

Selection Guide
Our branch power cable has different specifications, including W, ZR-W, NH-W, YJV, ZR-YJV, NH-YJV, etc. The sectional area for main cable varies from 10mm2 to 1200mm2, while the range for branch cable is 10mm2 ~ 95mm2, and they can be connected together any way you like to meet the specific applications. In addition, the branch joints can be fixed at any position depending on the building structure.

Our product is suitable for most conditions, and the environmental requirement for installation is quite low, allowing low installation precision as well as convenient construction. During installation, only one set of common winch is needed, and the required working hour is very short, just 1/10 or 1/20 of the time for fixing bus duct. In addition, the labor intensity is also quite low.

On the other hand, it has small bending radius, which significantly lowers the installation difficulty and cuts down required space. Noticeably, it only takes up little building area, and this contributes to the effective use of building area.

Ordering Guide
The branch power cable has very special structure, so before the order is made, please submit relevant information to ensure that our product fits you best, and the required materials are listed below.
1. Schematic drawing of distribution system and profile of floor elevation.
2. Length and specification of main cable and branch cable, height of branch joint from floor, upper wiring type and/or lower wiring type for the distribution box
3. Type and model of main cable and branch cable
4. Model, quantity and specification of accessories
5. Laying method: to be pulled from the ground floor up or lowered from the top floor down
6. Other items that need to be clarified.


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