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Flame Retardant, Plastics Insulated, Soft Power Cable

As indicated by its name, this flame retardant plastics insulated soft power cable features flame retardant property, and the excellent performance is ensured. Due to the highly flame retardant sheath, the heat resistance and fire proof property are greatly improved. Thus, our product is suitable for places where flame retardant performance is highly required, such as subway, power station, high-rise building, large industrial and mining enterprises, and other places with high cable density.

Compared with common flame retardant type, this product shows the advantages of soft appearance as well as small bending radius, so it is also applied for conditions that require soft property and good mobility.

Model Explanation
Model Descriptions Rated Voltage (V) No. of Core Nominal Cross Section (mm2)
Flame retardant plastics insulated soft power cable 600/1000 1-5 4.0-240
ZA-RV WDZA-RY 450/750 1 1.5-500
Technical Parameters
Nominal Cross Section (mm2) Structure of Conductor (Conductor Number / Nominal Diameter for Single Conductor, mm) DC Resistance at 20℃ (≤Ω/km)
4.0 56/0.30 4.95
6.0 84/0.30 3.30
10 77/0.40 1.91
16 126/0.40 1.21
25 196/0.40 0.780
35 266/0.40 0.554
50 380/0.40 0.386
70 523/0.40 0.272
95 741/0.40 0.206
120 902/0.40 0.161
150 1147/0.40 0.129
185 1406/0.40 0.106
240 1813/0.40 0.0801
300 2257/0.40 0.0641

YD/T 1173-2001 is the manufacturing standard for flame retardant insulated soft power cable whose rated voltage is 0.6/1kV or lower.

Application Properties
The long-term working temperature of this soft power cable should not over 70℃, and the maximum temperature of the conductor during short circuit is lower than 160℃. In addition, the lasting time of short circuit is within 5 seconds. On the other hand, the ambient temperature during laying should be above 0℃, and the minimum bending radius is 6 times of the outer diameter.

This product is suitable for transmission and distribution line, and the frequency is 50Hz while the rated voltage is 0.6/1kV AC or lower.

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