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Fluoroplastics Insulated Heat-Resistant Power Cable

The processing of fluoroplastic is not easy, but we successfully overcome this technical difficulty, and this material is used to make our fluoroplastics insulated heat-resistant power cable. Due to the superb stability of fluoroplastic, our product features stable electrical performance, and it is also resistance to acid, alkali, oil, corrosion, water, aging, corrosive gas, high temperature, etc.

Application Properties
1. Rated voltage U0/U: 0.6/1kV AC
2. Max. working temperature: 200℃ for FEP (F46), and 260℃ for PFA.
3. Min. ambient temperature for working: -60℃ for fixed fluoroplastic or silicon rubber sheath, and -15℃ for the non-fixed laying
4. Ambient temperature for laying: ≥0℃ (≥-25℃ for fluoroplastic, silicon rubber and NBR sheathed cables)
5. Min. bending radius: 15 times of overall diameter for single core type, and 10 times of overall diameter for multi-core type.

Model Explanation
Model Descriptions Working Temperature (℃)
FF46 Fluoroplastics insulated and sheathed power cable -60~200
FF46P Fluoroplastics insulated and sheathed, copper braid shielded power cable -60~200
ZR-F46(FV) Fluoroplatics insulated and flame-retardant PVC sheathed power cable -40~105
YGC-F46(FG) Fluoroplastics insulated and silicon rubber sheathed power cable -60~180
YVF-F46 Fluoroplastics insulated and flame-retardant NBR PVC sheathed power cable -60~105

Note: If the letter "R" is added to the model name, it means that this is soft cable. In addition, the copper core can be coated with tin.

Code Explanation
Code Meaning
Series Code Omitted
F (F46) FEP (F46)
G Silicon rubber
ZR (V) Flame-retardant PVC (70℃, 90℃, 105℃)
22 Steel tape armored and PVC sheathed outside
32 Thin steel wire armored and PVC sheathed outside
P Copper braid shield
R Multi-strand soft conductor


1. The DC resistance of this heat-resistant power cable is in accordance with GB 3956.
2. The insulation resistivity at 20℃ is higher than 500MΩ•km.
3. The end product is detected by the voltage withstand test, and it should not be damaged during the 5-minute-testing. Additionally, the test voltage is 3.5kV AC, and the frequency is 50Hz.

This fluoroplastics insulated power cable is used as the fixed power transmission and distribution line, or linking wire for motor. It offers stable electrical performance under high temperature, and it also shows the advantages of large current carrying ability as well as long lifespan. As a result, this product is widely accepted in the metallurgy, electrical industry, petrochemical field, large construction, automobile manufacturing and others.

Fluoroplastics insulated heat-resistant power cable

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