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0.6/1kV NBR Soft Power Cable

The 0.6/1kV NBR soft power cable is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard of Q/321011KLA2006-2009, and NBR is used as the insulation and sheathing material.

NBR is soft, and it is resistant to abrasion, oil, low temperature and other factors. Thus, our product is also soft and resistant to oil, abrasion as well as low temperature. Based on these features, it is suitable for places that have special requirements of oil and low temperature resistance, and the rated voltage should be 0.6/1kV AC or below, such as control line, illuminating line, communication line, etc. Meanwhile, it is also applied in dynamic transmission line for movable equipment including crane, trolley, transmission machine and others. In addition, this product has been widely used in metallurgy, power, ship, port, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

Model Explanation
Model Descriptions
YVFR NBR insulated and sheathed soft power cable
YVFRP NBR insulated and sheathed, copper braid shielded soft power cable

Note: If "ZR" is added, it means that this model is flame retardant type. Meanwhile, the copper wire inside can be coated with tin.

Code Explanation
Code Meaning
Y Movable series
VF NBR insulation and sheath
P Copper wire braided shield
R Multi-strand soft conductor

Application Properties
1. Rated voltage U0/U: 0.6/1kV AC
2. Max. working temperature: 105°C
3. Min. ambient temperature for working: -60°C for fixed laying
4. Min. ambient temperature for laying: -25°C
5. Min. bending radius: 12 times of overall diameter of the cable.

1. The DC resistance of R type conductor satisfies the requirements of GB 3956.
2. The insulation resistivity is above 50MΩ•km at 20°C.
3. This NBR soft power cable should pass the voltage withstand test, and the test conditions are as follows: AC 50Hz, 3.5kV, 5 minutes.

NBR insulated and sheathed soft power cable

NBR insulated, cooper wire braid shielded and NBR sheathed soft power cable

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