Customer Feedback

State Grid
The cables supplied by JiangYang Cable offer stable performance after long-term application without any abnormal phenomena, and all the technical parameters meet relevant requirements. The delivery is timely, and the service is excellent. So, JiangYang Cable is one of our best partners.

JiangYang Cable is our long-time partner and outstanding supplier. As the practical application reveals, the products are qualified and stable. Also, the delivery is in time, and the service is perfect. This company is honored as "Contract Abiding and Promise Keeping Enterprise", and we are satisfied with its product and service.

Capital Construction Companies
The cables manufactured by JiangYang Cable are one of the most commonly used cables for many capital construction companies, and they can still conform to specifications after long-time service. The reasonable price, superb quality, timely delivery and good service illustrate all the items that a perfect supplier should provide.